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Learn More About the Limerick Breast Pump Range

Closed System Breast pumps that work with your baby's natural nursing pattern.

Limerick is a certified women-owned family business with a mission to help working moms meet their breastfeeding goals, while also smoothing their transition back into the workplace after giving birth.  A Limerick ComforTouch breast pump has many advantages over some other pumps on the market. Our breast pump range delivers comfortable, trouble-free assistance with expression, but the support offered by Limerick goes way beyond the pumps themselves, as you'll see below. We also support you as a mom and your baby throughout the breastfeeding journey, and beyond.

Workplace Lactation Program

Our leading corporate support plan for parents has been designed to help make your employees’ transition - before birth, during maternity leave, and when returning to work - as seamless as possible. A new baby is always a joy, and new moms shouldn't have to worry about their career progression being in jeopardy at this time. Our brand doesn't just sell breast pumps; as a women-led business, limerick is genuinely committed to helping women manage their breastfeeding goals and their career. Breastfeeding moms have less absences at work, as well as reducing both your and their health care costs. Investing in a service like ours can therefore save you money. Learn more about our package below.

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Our most advanced comfort breast pump allows you to give your best and feel your best, with patented technology that mimics your baby’s natural nursing pattern - the only technology of its kind. Our Limerick Joy pumps are not only comfortable, they also come with many helpful features, like dry mode, LED troubleshooting prompts, and easy-to-use knob controls.

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Our multi-user, closed system, hospital-grade electric breast pump is the most effective and comfortable on the market, and comes with the FDA’s highest safety rating.

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Parent Services

Babies are born. Parents are made. Our programs can help you navigate this awesome journey, whether you’re a parent or an employer supporting one.

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Our Technology

Form and function — see how our patented technology provides for a more comfortable breast-pumping experience.

Delay the bath to increase breastfeeding success

Newborn babies can be messy little bundles of vernix, fluid and blood. See what a new study says about bathing your baby immediately after birth.

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Help is here.

The help that Limerick offers new moms and the support network behind them includes explainer videos and technical manuals that will help you use your breast pump safely, and successfully, and we also have a FAQ section that will help you learn more about our breast pumps, the New Parent Program, insurance matters, travel while breastfeeding, and more.

Lastly, if you can’t find the answers you need at the link below, don’t worry - you can also get in touch with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram and ask us what you want to know directly.

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