Increase their volume with technology that works as nature intended

In the NICU, it’s imperative that breast pumps remove colostrum. We take pride ours always does

The Pride Pump: FDA qualified. Multi-User. Hospital Grade, electric breast pump. In the hospital setting, healthcare professionals and NICU specialists need their equipment to work. They need to be able to depend on it, trust it, and have the confidence to know it will operate time and time again.

Designed in collaboration with lactation professionals and NICU specialists, our Limerick Pride Pump, features the best-in-class colostrum collection. The Pride pump is the best substitution when new parents are not able to hand express because it provides both compression and vacuum expression. And our valve-free technology ensures an unobstructed flow of colostrum into the syringe or bottle. Which means, they won’t lose a drop and neither will baby.

Colostrum collector designed for the NICU

Designed with a direct flow to capture and preserve every single drop of Colostrum – often referred to as “liquid gold”– that’s only produced during the first one to five days after birth.

Draws out colostrum sooner

Simple two-step process

Reduces need for hand expression

Fits all enteral syringes

Closed system

Patented technology

Increase their volume with technology that works as nature intended

Limerick ComfortTouch™ Technology is where comfort meets science. Our one size fits all gentle silicone cups and patented compression and vacuum technology ensure new parents get comfort without pain. So, pumping feels more natural, they stay with it and everyone gets what they need: the best results…more milk!

More Comfort, More Milk

Limerick’s cups are all made with 100% medical-grade silicone. There is no need to size them because they naturally form to the breast whatever size or shape they may be. One size truly fits all. Our whole cup technology isn't an insert at all, instead they are made of naturally soft silicone that forms to every unique body shape and size. Ensuring the best fit. And our pump technology uses compression and vacuum that mimic the way babies nurse. So, your new parent is assured a proper and comfortable fit every time they pump.

Closed system

It does not use room air to create the vacuum. The filter prevents expressed milk from getting into the pump’s motor, decreasing the possibility of mold growth and infectious particles. Air exhausted into the room is filtered air, reducing the risk of nosocomial infections, and allowing for more flexibility.

Continuous-thread bottle caps with no openings

This means air is only drawn from the sterile syringe or bottle being used.

Powerful motor

This allows for extended pump life and increased durability (four-year warranty).

Pump stand

This durable rolling stand has a soft-grip handle, a five-castor base for maneuverability, and locking castors for stability. It comes with a mounting plate with clamps, and a basket for accessory storage.

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“The flange on the Limerick pump is unique in that it compresses and there is nothing else like that. That compressible feature is what makes it different and more comfortable – it doesn’t just pull the nipple like other breast pumps.”

— Cristina M.,
mother and pumping breastfeeder

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