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Having a baby is life changing — whether it’s your employee’s first or an addition to their growing family. Our world-class Workplace Lactation Program and Parent Services provide a smooth transition for you and your employees before, during, and after their baby arrives.

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Workplace Lactation

The best way to recruit and retain hardworking women is for them to know you have a world-class lactation program, so they don’t have to compromise the level of care they’re able to provide their newborns. We work with you to create a nurturing and supportive environment for the women working hard to straddle both worlds.

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Induced Lactation

Did you know that adoptive and nonbirthing parents can breastfeed successfully? Whether your employee has adopted, is using a surrogate mother, or prefers their partner to breastfeed, we explain how to induce lactation in three steps — either through video conferencing or over the phone, including a follow-up call. Let our Registered Nurse Lactation Consultant, who specializes in induced lactation, help your employee reach their breastfeeding goals.

Parental Coaching

Whether it’s your employee’s first, or a recent addition, babies are a handful! This is why we offer personalized support from our Professional Certified Coach for your employee, whether they are a soon-to-be new moms or dads. We cover everything from work-life transition to partner-parent evolution, including helping each to create his or her own personal path.

Postpartum Depression Screenings

In February 2019, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) reported that depression during pregnancy or following childbirth affects as many as one in seven women, and that evidence showed counseling to be an effective intervention. We support employees in every possible way, including having our Licensed Clinical Social Worker evaluate for postpartum depression and make appropriate referrals to help your employee get through this difficult time.

Resource Library

We provide resources for new parents who have questions about normal milestones regarding the growth and development of their infants. This helps your employees continue to breastfeed while maintaining good body mechanics. Employees can attend lunchtime webinars to get their questions answered.

What We Offer

Online Portal
for Employees
Employees will have online access to all available resources you provide through our services.
24/7 Phone Support
Employees can speak with a Limerick Lactation Consultant for any questions they may have or any advice they may need 24/7.
Webinars & Video
Our certified Limerick Lactation Consultants will help guide your employees’ transitions, share all sorts of tips and tricks, and discuss the latest research.

What Makes Us Different

We’re a company founded by parents for parents, especially those with children between the ages of one day and five years — a particularly crucial period affecting the bottom line of a family’s health and well-being. We have not only designed every product and service we offer especially for these parents, we’ve also continued to be passionate advocates for them — conducting research on their behalf, impacting legislation, and making a real difference in the lives they lead.

Giving Parents the Support They Need to Perform Their Best

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