Resources Why does Limerick cost more than most?

Why does Limerick cost more than most?

Why does Limerick cost more than most? Is it worth it?

Whether you’re getting your first exposure to Limerick, or you’re back after looking around and want to dig a bit deeper into our breast pumps and the value they provide, welcome! As moms ourselves, we’ve built our products with you in mind so we’re thrilled for both you – and us – that you’ve decided to take a closer look. Let’s dive in.

Previously, we’ve touched on cost ranges and the features and benefits that we think help determine the value of a breast pump. Now we’d like to explore those further as they relate to our offerings. And yes, you guessed it – this is where we’re going to tell you that Limerick pumps may cost a bit more than others…and why we think they’re worth it.

In some respects, Limerick pumps are similar to the products offered by others. We offer multiple configurations such as the manual Limerick Love Pump and electric Limerick Joy and PJ Comfort Pumps that each come with a variety of features and accessories.

However, Limerick pumps do differ from others is in several very important areas.

The first is comfort which includes both the type of materials used and the pumping action itself. Most pumps come with breast cups made of hard plastic in a set number of sizes, while some may also come with additional silicone inserts. All Limerick pumps feature our ComfortTouch silicone breast cups which are made entirely of silicone for one-size-fits-all simplicity and comfort that forms around the unique shape of your breasts. No more haggling with the girls or compromising to get a great fit each time.

Comfort also relies on the pumping action itself. While most pumps should provide adjustable and consistent suction strength, you should also pay attention to suction type. The closer you can get to mimicking a baby’s normal nursing pattern, the happier you, your breasts and your milk production will be. Limerick pumps forego the typical push-pull motion of most pumps, which can be irritating and uncomfortable, in favor of our research-proven and patented compression and vacuum technology with a more natural pumping action that makes breast pumping more comfortable, efficient, and productive.

The second is system hygiene which includes the type and degree of filtration used, how the vacuum action is achieved, and the design of the extraction and storage method. Unlike other pumps that use a barrier system, Limerick pumps feature our industry leading closed 1 micron filter, coupled with no openings or unbroken threads in the bottle cap to provide the only truly closed system that doesn’t draw in room air. The system also provides exhaust air filtration to maximize room cleanliness and prevents bacteria, viruses, and fluid from entering the pump motor. Finally, our Dry Mode automatically removes any condensation in the tubing with the touch of a button, reducing the potential for bacteria or viruses.

The third thing to consider are additional capabilities to enhance ease of use and even motivation which newer digital models may offer. Limerick’s digital Joy Pump includes messages that offer encouragement and show pumping session progress, save settings for your ideal vacuum strength and cycle speed, and a digital display to better manage your pump settings and sessions. Many new moms, including ourselves, find these features do enhance to the overall pumping experience. 

Finally, in addition to pump components with a proven track record of reliability across our entire product line, our systems are also FDA qualified with the highest safety rating and feature hospital grade quality. That’s why Limerick pumps are the leading choice in hospital NICUs.

  Of course, while our products offer many unique and valuable features unmatched by others, one of our most important differences is that Limerick was founded, and is run, by moms for moms, with product development and support driven by our own experience as moms and new parents. We think that’s priceless and hope you do too. As always, we’re always here to listen and help so reach out. Now let’s get pumping!