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At the hospital, or back at home, take the pain out of pumping with the most comfortable and effective pumps on the market.

Pump up your volume, with technology that works as nature intended

Limerick allows you to express your milk in comfort and with ease, with the FDA’s highest safety rating and hospital-grade quality. Hear why our pumps are the leading choice in hospital NICUs.

Our patented vacuum and compression pumping technology mimics your child's natural nursing patterns to deliver the best results.

Our cups come in one size:

Pumping has never been simpler and more comfortable. Other companies sell hard plastic breast cups with the option of silicone inserts. They come in complicated sizes that work by pulling in your nipple, causing pain and discomfort. Limerick ComfortTouch™ Technology is different. Our whole cup technology isn't an insert at all, instead they are made of naturally soft, medical grade, silicone that forms to your unique body shape and size. Reassuring that you get the best fit. And our technology uses compression and vacuum that mimics the way your baby nurses. Which means, much more comfortable pumping and one size truly fits all, all the time and every time.

The tiniest of mouths deserve big protection

Our industry leading closed 1 micron filter protects both mom and baby with a cleaner system overall. Unlike other pumps that use a barrier system, our pump is different. Our system is the only truly closed system that does not draw in room air. There are no openings or unbroken threads in the bottle cap and because of the filter, the exhaust air is also filtered. The filter also prevents bacteria, viruses, and fluid from entering the motor of the pump. Ensuring both baby and mom are protected in the safest most risk-free environment possible.

Switch on hygiene

Dry Mode, automatically gets rid of any condensation in the tubing.

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“I love my Limerick pump. Today, I expressed 16 ounces. I've never had that kind of volume.” — Tammy G.
Mom, Virginia Beach, VA

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