Resources Is Limerick right for me?

Is Limerick right for me?

Which Limerick pump is best for me?

We like to say that if you have a new baby and breasts, Limerick is indeed right for you. With multiple breast pump solutions, we’re confident that we have one that will fit your needs.

As we’ve previously discussed, getting the right breast pump very much depends on where you’re at with both your milk production and success with breast feeding. Your optimal pump choice should also take into account whether you’re already back at work or need to be away from your baby for an extended period of time during the day for whatever reason.

If you are already successfully breast feeding and producing an adequate milk supply

You’re probably an occasional pumper. In this instance, a manual pump or an electric or battery powered single pump will likely suffice. Both are highly portable and therefore convenient to carry and use pretty much anywhere. However, just be aware that using a manual pump exclusively is time consuming and tiring so consider using an electric version as your primary pump with a manual pump on hand in the event of a power outage or finding yourself without ready access to an electrical outlet or batteries, perhaps even out on your date night. Here, consider a combination of Limerick’s manual Love Pump and either Limerick’s electric Joy Pump or PJ Comfort Pump, both of which offer double pump capability with unique features and unmatched comfort, quality, and reliability.

If you are having trouble initiating an adequate milk supply

There are several options. If you’re just recently back home from the hospital, renting a hospital grade pump such as the Limerick Pride Pump that better stimulates initial milk production and provides optimal collection of colostrum, may help get things flowing until you’re expressing adequately. Once established, a double pump electric version such as our Joy Pump or PJ Comfort Pump is your best option longer term. These do require a bit more gear than a single pump type but will get the job done in half the time and may actually allow you to express more milk and of higher quality.

If you are planning to be back in the workplace

As a breastfeeding working mom, you’ll likely need to express every day for a while and take your breast pump to and from work. In this case, you might manage just fine with a manual or single pump version, but neither is optimal for supporting your professional - or lactation – productivity. To minimize down time in both and maximize your output, aim for a pump that offers portability and efficiency while also supporting your individual need for discretion. And yes, as you probably guessed, an electric double pump, such as Limerick’s Joy Pump or PJ Comfort Pump ensures you’re taking the most advantage of your milk production throughout your time away from your little one.

Of course, while our products offer many unique and valuable features, one of our most important differences is that Limerick was founded, and is run, by moms for moms, with product development and support driven by our own experience as moms and new parents. Our ultimate goals are happy moms and parents – and a healthy baby. To that end, we’re here to listen and help so reach out if you need more information or guidance on this new and wonderful journey.