Resources What type of pump is right for me?

What type of pump is right for me?

Do I need more than one type?

Ah, the breast pump. Yours is going to become your new bestie for a while so, before you commit to this new relationship, it’s important to get clear on what you need from it and the support you expect, right? Fear not! We’re here to give you a few things to consider when choosing this other new arrival.

Deciding on the right pump for you will depend on a number of factors that include:

  • where you are with your milk production and expression
  • where you and your baby are with breast feeding
  • where and how often you’ll need to express to keep your baby healthy and the girls happy.

If you are already successfully breast feeding and producing an adequate milk supply

A manual pump or an electric or battery powered single pump will likely do the trick. Both are highly portable and convenient to carry and use either at home or in the workplace. Note that a manual pump can be time consuming and tiring so consider an electric version with a backup manual pump if there’s a power outage or no ready access to an electrical outlet or batteries.

If you are having trouble initiating your milk supply

Renting a hospital grade pump that better stimulates initial milk production is the best option until you’re expressing adequately. Once established, you can shift to an electric double pump version longer term. A double pump does require more gear but gets the job done in half the time and allows you to express more milk of higher quality.

If you are planning to be back in the workplace

As a breastfeeding working mom, you’ll likely be expressing every day for a while and will need to take your breast pump to and from work. You may be able to manage with a manual or single pump version, but neither is best for your professional or lactation productivity. To minimize down time in both and maximize your output, aim for a pump that optimizes portability, efficiency, and your individual need for discretion. Here an electric double pump, either tethered or as wearable wireless units that fit inside your bra, provides the best option to ensure an adequate supply of milk is available while you are away from your little one.

Breast pumps are not rocket science but choosing the right one might sometimes feel like it. Hopefully, we’ve given you a good start on how to assess your unique circumstances and the best options for each to factor into your purchase decision.