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How a DME Breast Pump Supports You On Your Journey

Breastfeeding is beneficial for both mom and baby, but it can be challenging to do so if you don't have access to the right equipment. That's why Limerick has created the only line of breast pumps of their kind, featuring patented hospital grade technology. We'll talk more about this technology and how it benefits breastfeeding moms later, but Limerick's support doesn't stop there. Our new parent program offers services to support you throughout your whole journey, including transitioning back into the workplace after birth.

At Limerick, we believe in providing a comprehensive range of breastfeeding support for moms and dads alongside our breast pumps. Regardless of how you get your Limerick breast pump, our support for new parents is available to everybody.

Getting a Limerick hospital grade breast pump through your workplace plan

If your workplace offers health insurance, you may be able to obtain a Limerick breast pump through a DME covered under your plan. You can click here now to quickly and easily see if we already work with your provider.

Getting a Limerick breast pump through private insurance

If you are not covered by your employer’s health plan, don’t worry – there are still options for you. If you have a private health insurance policy then you can still obtain a Limerick breast pump through a durable medical equipment supplier. As above, the first step in this case is to check that your insurance is accepted by the DME suppliers that carry Limerick breast pumps.

There are many DME breast pump variants, including double electric pumps, a single electric pump, battery operated options or a manual pump - some might only provide you with one or two options, or restrict you to certain in-network providers. However, under the Affordable Care Act it's mandatory that insurance plans cover a breast pump at no cost. However, the legislation doesn't specify which kind of pump an insurance company must cover or its cost. Breast pump coverage therefore varies quite a lot between insurance companies.

Other ways to get a Limerick breast pump

There are also other ways that you might qualify for a free or discounted breast pump. For example if you have a flexible health care spending account, you can submit the cost of breast pumps and breast pump equipment for reimbursement.

If you're on Medicaid, or have insurance through the Affordable Care Act (which we've covered already) or another state-funded program, most states require them to cover the cost of lactation equipment, including breast pumps). You can check with the agency that handles this in your area.

Why a Limerick breast pump is the best choice

Limerick breast pumps are the best choice for new moms for a number of reasons. A Limerick breast pump is a high quality, hospital grade pump designed to meet the needs of mothers who require a quiet and comfortable way to establish and maintain their milk supply. It's also the only pump with Limerick's patented vacuum and compression technology which mimics baby's natural nursing pattern as well as ComforTouch™ naturally soft, medical grade, silicone cups that form to your unique body shape and size. This technology is proven to help moms express breast milk and assure that you get the best, most comfortable fit with our one-size-fits-all breast cup.

Limerick's ComforTouch™ kit also has a filter that prevents milk from getting into the motor of the pump, and we do not have any holes or broken threads in our breast cup assembly. Ours are ‘closed system’ pumps because we do not draw in room air to create our vacuum - we use the air from the bottle attached to the breast cup assembly. In addition, because of the filter used the air exhausted into the room is filtered air, ensuring both baby and mom are protected in the safest most risk-free environment possible.

Limerick breast pumps are also easy to use and clean. There are only 2 parts to clean and you are provided with a silicone cleaning brush to clean all areas that milk comes into contact with, making it an ideal option for moms who want to keep things simple and easy to use. Limerick pumps will last them through their entire parenting journey.

Limerick's comprehensive range of breastfeeding support

Limerick's comprehensive range of breastfeeding support doesn't end with our three breast pumps however. PJ's Comfort, Joy, and Love may be where Limerick's breastfeeding support starts, but our comprehensive offering covers much more than that.

We also offer an extensive range of breastfeeding accessories to complement your breast pump purchase, including bottles, bottle caps and gaskets as well as our unique bottle holder, which gives you somewhere to put bottles of expressed milk when you’re on the go.

In addition, we have created a range of helpful accessories such as cup assemblies, rechargeable battery packs, hands free pumping systems and sanitizing bags for accessories; all designed for use with a Limerick breast pump. Our aim in this respect is to provide you with all the 'little things' that you don't know you need until you're breastfeeding so that your experience of this crucial stage of development is smooth and you can continue doing what feels right for both mom & baby despite whatever challenges come up along the way!

Limerick breast pumps, incorporating patented technology

Limerick breast pumps, incorporating patented technology, offer three different options for your pumping needs: PJ's Comfort, Joy and Love. All of our pumps are designed to provide a comfortable and reliable solution for the many mothers who find themselves needing to express milk anywhere they need to, such as at work or even when attending events away from home. We also offer a range of accessories for these breast pumps including bags that make transporting your pump easy and convenient, as well as a ComforTouch™ kit that can be used with each model.

We provide a range of breastfeeding support and advice from certified lactation consultants who have all been trained in the art of helping new mothers get started with breastfeeding.

Parental Mental Health & Wellness

Parental mental health is an important issue for us. We know that even when a parent isn't breastfeeding, they still need to be in a good place mentally and emotionally in order to look after their baby.

We have also found that postpartum depression (PPD) affects many new mothers. Unfortunately, PPD often goes unidentified or misdiagnosed for months or even years after birth, which can lead to feelings of isolation and hopelessness for mothers trying to manage these feelings on their own during the early stages of motherhood. Early screening, diagnosis and education is important here, so that moms affected by PPD can receive treatment without delay.

Support in the workplace

Limerick can help your company understand the needs of women who return to work and want to continue to provide breast milk to their infants. Our goal is to provide the resources and support necessary for your team to learn more about the challenges of breastfeeding in the workplace, and for them as an employer to be compliant with the federal laws that support your right to continue to provide breast milk when you return to work.

We’ll discuss how best to support and empower breastfeeding colleagues, so that no woman feels alone at work during this important time. With our perinatal well-being assessments, we ensure that employers understand:

  • What it means for an employee to be able to breastfeed in the workplace
  • The practicalities of breastfeeding in the workplace, such as pumping breaks and having access to a private lactation room other than a bathroom when needed
  • How employers can remove barriers in the workplace for the breastfeeding mom


Limerick is the best choice for breastfeeding mothers. Limerick hospital grade breast pumps have been designed to make it easier for women who are returning to work or school after having a baby. They're also ideal for anyone who wants a portable, discreet, effective and comfortable pump. These pumps are ideal for anyone who wants to establish and maintain a milk supply and use the same pump throughout their entire breastfeeding journey. No need to rent a hospital grade pump for the first 2 - 6 months. Plus, these pumps offer both compression and vacuum so you can express more milk in less time.

Lastly, a note to durable medical equipment providers and health professionals:

By recommending Limerick's pumps, you’re not only providing an effective product for expressing breast milk, but you’re also providing our rich suite of wraparound services and support. In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), or the maternity ward, the home, transitioning back to work and at work, Limerick has you covered.

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