Back to Work Better: You’ve Got This!

Back to Work Better: You’ve Got This!

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Our 5 top tips to help you focus and feel confident and comfortable as you transition back to the workplace.

By Rebekah Nanfria, Associate Certified Coach

Think back to the challenge of adjusting to working from home. Carving out your workspace, adjusting to Zoom, realizing kids interrupt and that has to be okay.  The monotony, always “being available,” the struggle to stay focused on work while the dishes, laundry or perhaps your adorable little one was only a room away. 

Whew! Now is a good time to pause and say to yourself, “Awesome job!” 

Looking forward, life as we’ve come to know it is on the verge of changing again. In the coming months, people will begin to return to the workplace. We’d be foolish to assume it will be a simple transition “back to normal.”

One aspect we’ll be managing is STIMULUS OVERLOAD! Days will be filled with sights, sounds, smells (enjoyable and detestable) that we’ve been isolated from.

Background noise, fluorescent lights, traffic, your colleague’s cologne…these and other stimuli can lead to irritability and overwhelm. Simply wearing “real clothes” will be a shock to the system for many. Having a mask on all day will be a pain.

Invitation to think ahead: What will make being back at the office easier for me?

Here are the top 5 tips our coaches have put together to help you focus and feel confident and comfortable as you transition back to the workplace:

  1. Take a look at your closet. Reorganize it with your workdays in mind. 
  2. Incorporate meditative breathing throughout the day
  3. Investing in noise canceling headphones
  4. Take a quiet walk during your lunch break or get to the office early and start your day with one 
  5. Maintain self-care: taking micro-breaks and setting boundaries will serve you well. 

For more on those topics check out 3Be’s “You’ve Got This” program.