More Resources Why is my right breast bigger than the left?

Why is my right breast bigger than the left?

While most women don't give their breasts much thought at all, and are completely unaware of any differences between them, others may have noticed a slight asymmetry in size or shape. If you've never noticed it before, it's only natural to be curious and ask, 'hey, why is my right breast bigger than the left?'.

For some women, the mind can start to worry that it may be a sign of something more serious like, breast cancer or other medical conditions that could cause one breast to be larger or smaller than the other. Of course, these health conditions exist, but these are rare cases and shouldn't be something you worry about unless you have been diagnosed with them by a doctor. The vast majority of times when one breast is noticeably bigger than another, it's not because there is anything truly wrong with your body, and 'why is my right breast bigger than the left?' is usually a question with a perfectly rational and harmless explanation - especially if you're breastfeeding.

Why is my right breast bigger than the left?

I'm a breastfeeding mom, why is this happening?

Many breastfeeding moms experience lopsidedness. This is because the amount of milk each breast produces varies, and that variance can be the result of several factors.

In basic terms, breastfeeding works according to the principles of 'supply and demand': The more you pump or the more your baby feeds, the more milk your breasts will provide. However, this works on a 'per side' basis too - meaning that if you or your baby prefers feeding from one breast over another (which can be the case for a variety of reasons) the preferred breast will produce more milk as well as become larger than its counterpart. For many breastfeeding moms, the answer to 'why is my right breast bigger than the left?' can be found right here.

Why is my right breast bigger than the left?

What can I do about it?

So, now that we know the answer to 'why is my right breast bigger than the left?', what can we do about it? Well, since we're dealing with a 'supply and demand' situation, one solution is to create more demand on the smaller side. To do this, try pumping a little longer on the smaller side after a feed or pumping session. Your body will get the message that more milk is needed from this breast, which in turn may encourage its development and help to even out breast size over time.

Why is my right breast bigger than the left?

What are the possible reasons for lopsidedness / uneven demand?

Some moms simply have a preference for feeding using one breast over the other. This could be related to their own comfort while feeding, or it could even have to do with something as simple as mom's dominant hand (if she has one). This preference may lead her - either consciously or subconsciously - to favor feeding with one breast over the other, which in turn may lead to uneven demand and lopsidedness, as we've seen.

Similarly, baby may have a preference for one breast over the other and may 'refuse' one side. This could be due to the nipple (some are easier to feed from than others), or it could again simply be due to their own comfort level; in addition, persistent refusal of one side could indicate torticollis (a neck issue). A new onset of a preference or refusal could likewise be a symptom of something like an ear infection - if you notice any change in your baby's behaviour like this, it's best to consult with your doctor.

Why is my right breast bigger than the left?

Will my breasts even out after I stop breastfeeding?

If you're still breastfeeding, then the answer is that, in many cases yes, your breasts will eventually even out after you reach the end of your breastfeeding journey. However, this isn't guaranteed and it's possible that they may never be exactly the same size again.

Why is my right breast bigger than the left?

In conclusion

We hope this article has helped you understand why your right breast is bigger than the left. We know it can be frustrating to feel like something isn't right with your body, but remember that there are several possible causes for lopsided breasts, that many of them do not require any form of treatment, and that, honestly - it's probably more noticeable to you than anyone else.

If lopsidedness is causing mental distress or physical pain, however, there are ways to address it - from therapy or a more supportive bra to cosmetic surgery. However, it's also important to realize that uneven breast shape can be a question of genetics; it can run in the family and be something that some women are just predisposed to. And to realizeAlso, don’t forget that human bodies are naturally asymmetrical. When we have two of something (such as breasts, eyes, or ears), it's natural for them to be similar but not exactly the same.

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