More Resources Questions Moms Ask: "Why Does the Haakaa Hurt?"

Questions Moms Ask: "Why Does the Haakaa Hurt?"

Using a Haakaa pump can be useful for some breastfeeding moms, but it can also come with its fair share of challenges, including a level of discomfort or pain while using one - so if you've been wondering, "why does the Haakaa hurt?", you're not alone. In this article, we'll explore the possible reasons for the discomfort, and some helpful advice on why it occurs - let’s take a look.

Questions Moms Ask: "Why Does the Haakaa Hurt?"

What is a Haakaa?

A Haakaa breast pump is a unique and innovative manual breastfeeding device designed to help nursing mothers express and collect breast milk efficiently and comfortably. Made from 100% food-grade silicone, this breast pump is a popular choice among mothers, many of whom are drawn towards Haakaa products due to their perceived simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability.

Questions Moms Ask: "Why Does the Haakaa Hurt?"

Nipple Position and Condition

One of the main reasons why the Haakaa may cause discomfort is due to poor nipple placement. When the nipple isn't correctly positioned within the pump's flange, it may create friction and result in pain - even Haakaa's own video content on YouTube mentions this. Anytime that you attach your Haakaa you should ensure that your nipple is centred within the flange and not rubbing against the sides.

Let's talk about nipple sensitivity

Some women naturally have more sensitive nipples, which can make using the Haakaa more uncomfortable in general. Sensitivity may also be caused by breastfeeding issues too - if your nipples are sore or cracked from feeding, if you're experiencing vasospasm or an infection like thrush, you're going to want to stay away from your Haakaa for a little while!

Questions Moms Ask: "Why Does the Haakaa Hurt?"

Suction Strength

Another possible reason for discomfort while using the Haakaa is excessive suction strength. This can be a real issue since the Haakaa is a one-piece hand pump, and it doesn't really have a way to give moms any kind of fine control over how much suction is initially applied, or a way to adjust suction while it's attached to the breast. Both of these issues will only be made worse if your nipples are particularly sensitive for any reason, but in addition, if a Haakaa provides too much suction then moms may also experience mastitis as a result of using one.

Questions Moms Ask: "Why Does the Haakaa Hurt?"

Issues with Higher Fat Content Milk

Milk with a higher fat content can be thicker and more difficult to pump, which can cause issues when using a Haakaa. Moms using a Haakaa are known to be more likely to experience blocked ducts largely because the device struggles to draw this thicker milk from the breast.

Questions Moms Ask: "Why Does the Haakaa Hurt?"

Oversupply Issues

One of the good intentions behind the use of a Haakaa is to catch every drop of milk that's let down so that it isn't lost to a nipple pad, or to build up a "milk stash" in mom's freezer. However, what can sometimes get lost in these good intentions is the way the supply and demand mechanism of breastfeeding actually works. You see, your body assumes that every drop of milk that you express is going directly to your baby, so if you pump too much, you're sending the signal to your body that it needs to make more milk. In response to that message it will do so, and before you know it supply is way ahead of your baby's actual demand for milk.

If this happens, then you're more likely to run into issues like engorgement more often, and it may have a negative effect on your baby's willingness to breastfeed. Oversupply is no fun for your little one as it can throw off their "suck, swallow, breathe" rhythm, potentially causing issues such as coughing or choking - and when you're only a few weeks old, those can be really scary things to have happen to you.

Questions Moms Ask: "Why Does the Haakaa Hurt?"

In Conclusion

Understanding the root causes of discomfort while using the Haakaa breast pump can help you work around them. However, it's also important to realise that as helpful as a Haakaa can be for some moms, it's also just not suitable for others. The Limerick team do see it as a useful support item in certain cases, but can't recommend it as your main, go-to pump. For that role, an electric closed system pump such as our Joy or PJ's Comfort pumps are much more suitable, and you can buy them from our shop today!