More Resources Questions Moms Ask: Where Can I Buy Spectra Pump Parts?

Questions Moms Ask: Where Can I Buy Spectra Pump Parts?

Breastfeeding can be a wonderful journey for a new mom, and many new moms make use of a breast pump to help them on that journey. When they do they might turn to manufacturers such as Lansinoh or Spectra, and while of course we'd believe that the three pumps designed by the Limerick team - and which you can buy right now from the Limerick shop - are the best option when it comes to a breast pump, we also simply want to help moms keep their pump in good working order and keep their baby safe from illness. That's what's important here, so in this edition of our 'questions moms ask' series we're looking past the logo on the box and providing an answer to moms asking 'where can I buy Spectra pump parts?' - though we also point out that the information presented here will also be useful when it comes to pumps from other brands too.

Questions Moms Ask: Where Can I Buy Spectra Pump Parts?

What Do We Mean by 'Parts'?

Before answering today's core question of 'where can I buy Spectra pump parts?' we feel that it's important to clarify exactly what we're talking about when we use the term 'parts'. In the opinion of our team there are three main categories of items that could be considered as 'parts' for a breast pump system, as follows:

Perishable parts

These are items that your pumping system needs in order to function properly, but which have a finite lifespan. These parts are designed to be replaced by the owner after a certain amount of time (or a certain amount of uses) as part of routine maintenance, and don't call for the pump to be returned to the manufacturer. Items such as these would include flanges, gaskets, valves, tubing and so on.


Here we're talking about items which are useful, but not necessarily 'required' in order for your pumping system to work properly. Here we're talking about things like bottle caddies, car power supply adaptors, coolers, tote bags etc.

Individual breast pump components

Under this category we're grouping all of the individual bits and pieces that are inside the pumping unit itself, and which work together to create and adjust suction, register your inputs and instructions, and more.

Now that we have a clear understanding of the different parts of a breast pump, let's explore where you can buy them.

Questions Moms Ask: Where Can I Buy Spectra Pump Parts?

Where Can I Buy Perishable Parts?

Because they are designed to be replaced, women asking 'where can I buy Spectra pump parts?' - or parts for any other pump - will of course need to know where to buy perishable parts. In our opinion there are four main options in this case:

Manufacturer's website

Buying directly from the manufacturer guarantees that you receive genuine parts compatible with your breast pump model.

Specialty baby stores

These stores often carry perishable breast pump parts, especially for popular brands.


Many pharmacies also stock breast pump parts to cater to breastfeeding mothers' needs.

Online retailers

Websites like Amazon, Walmart, and Target offer a wide range of breast pump perishables from various manufacturers.

Questions Moms Ask: Where Can I Buy Spectra Pump Parts?

Where Can I Buy Breast Pump Accessories?

Breast pump accessories are often available at the same places where you purchased your breast pump, or where you get your perishable items. This means that once again you can turn to specialist baby stores or shop for accessories online, but in our opinion buying accessories directly from the manufacturer is the best option. This approach ensures compatibility with your breast pump model, and should pose no risk to any manufacturer's warranty that your pump came with.

Questions Moms Ask: Where Can I Buy Spectra Pump Parts?

Where Can I Buy Individual Breast Pump Components?

At this point, we're starting to enter murkier waters. Just as the FDA takes a stance opposing the sale or purchase of certain kinds of breast pumps after they've been used, breast pump manufacturers would advise against buying individual breast pump components and attempting to install them yourself. While we won't deny that it is possible to find individual breast pump components for sale privately online, there's a reason why manufacturers don't sell these items directly to consumers like they do with perishables and accessories, and that reason is safety.

After all, breast pumps are complex machines used for a healthcare application - so to have full confidence in any maintenance work done on the internal components of the pump itself, it needs to be carried out by a manufacturer-approved technician. This is why attempting any work on these internal components yourself will likely void your manufacturer's warranty, and why private individuals can't buy the parts they need to do such work from the manufacturer.

Questions Moms Ask: Where Can I Buy Spectra Pump Parts?

Why Buying Individual Components Online is a Bad Idea

While purchasing individual breast pump components online may seem convenient, there are three big issues to consider:

Compatibility issues

When buying online, there's a risk of purchasing parts that are not compatible with your breast pump model. This can result in a poor fit or reduced pump performance.

Counterfeit products

Online marketplaces can be riddled with counterfeit products, which may not meet safety standards or provide optimal performance.

No warranty protection

As previously mentioned, buying individual components online and/or attempting to install them is highly likely to void your manufacturer's warranty, effectively closing off any access to "official" maintenance channels you might use should your pump need further repair work in the future.

Questions Moms Ask: "Where Can I Buy Spectra Pump Parts?"


Knowing where to buy breast pump parts is crucial for a seamless and comfortable breastfeeding experience - but it's always best to stick to the approved channels when it comes to maintenance. When it comes to working outside of those channels, the potential benefits just don't outweigh the risks - it's simply not worth it - and that's the case whether you're a mom asking "where can I buy Spectra pump parts?", "where can I buy Limerick pump parts?", "where can I buy Lansinoh pump parts?", or looking for parts from any other manufacturer.