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How to Use Limerick Breast Pump

Recently received your new Limerick Joy, but not sure how to use it? No worries, we're going to talk you through how to use Limerick breast pump step by step!

The first time you use your new breast pump you will have to put it together. This involves steps like attaching the power supply, and inserting a gasket between the storage container and the breast cup assembly caps.

You should get a manual with your new pump that walks you through these steps. These come with diagrams, making it easy to follow the setup process in your manual.

Please ensure the product is fully assembled before you start pumping!

How to use Limerick breast pump controls

The Limerick Joy comes with two control knobs - one for cycle speed, and one for vacuum strength. Once assembled, you can push the cycle speed knob to turn the pump on.

Cycle speed controls the suction rhythm, changing the speed of the pump motor to work faster or slower. A slow suction rhythm applies the vacuum for longer, while a faster cycle will apply suction for a shorter time.

It's best to use the breast pump 2-3 times to get comfortable with it first, and to find a comfortable vacuum strength before adjusting the cycle speed. Over time, you can fine tune the cycle speed to try and match your baby's suckling, which will make the pumping experience much easier.

Vacuum strength controls the strength of suction the breast pump applies. It can take some time to find a balance between comfort and effectiveness. We recommend pumping for a couple of minutes, then increasing the vacuum in small steps at a time, up to a level that feels comfortable and mimics your baby.

A lesser suction strength will lengthen the amount of time you need to spend pumping. You should aim for around 15-20 minutes a session, or for 2 minutes after milk stops flowing.

For your first few pumping sessions, we recommend that you set the cycle speed to 30 and the vacuum setting to 1 (these numbers appear on the digital display). From here you can adjust the settings to where you are most comfortable. Everyone's breastfeeding experience is different, so the choice of settings is up to you.

Preparing to pump

Besides learning how to use Limerick breast pump, it's important to prepare to express breast milk. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before you start.

The environment and your frame of mind are also important to be aware of. Some steps you could take to make using your Limerick breast pump easier include:

  • Bringing water to drink while you pump,
  • Finding a quiet room with a comfortable chair,
  • Relaxing - we suggest taking several deep breaths, and some people find it helpful to have a picture, video or piece of clothing to remind them of their baby,
  • Massaging your breasts before and during the pumping session.

We wish you luck and hope you love your new breast pump! If you want to learn more about Limerick's breast pumps you can do so here, or if you want to read more about the breastfeeding experience you can check out our resource centre here.