More Resources What Does a Limerick Certified Lactation Consultant Do?

What Does a Limerick Certified Lactation Consultant Do?

You may have heard of people known as 'breastfeeding counselors' or 'lactation consultants', but what does that mean, and what do they do?

What Does a Limerick Certified Lactation Consultant Do?

What is a lactation consultancy?

Lactation consultants are trained individuals who specialize in the field of breastfeeding, who can help breastfeeding mothers with all aspects of breastfeeding. They are trained to provide advice, education and support to women who want to breastfeed, or who are having problems doing so.

What Does a Limerick Certified Lactation Consultant Do?

What support does a lactation consultant offer?

Here's what to expect from your consultation with a lactation consultant:

  • They will assess your baby's health, nutrition and breastfeeding including positioning, latch, suck, and weight gain.
  • They can talk about ways to increase milk supply if you're having any problems.
  • They can help with soreness and pain from breastfeeding and/or pumping , as well as techniques that may help make feeding more comfortable for both mother and baby (like positioning).
  • They can help with other issues related to breastfeeding such as returning to work after maternity leave ends, or weaning.

Lactation consultants can work in hospitals or doctors’ offices. They can also work in private practice, and some even provide services via telephone and video consultations. Not all lactation consultants are trained in the same way, which means that as in many other professions, anyone who feels that they have relevant experience and knowledge can say that they are breastfeeding counselors or lactation consultants.

However, in order to preserve, uphold and advance the standards and competencies of the professionals working in this field, an official certification program is in place. The presence of this program allows the skills and competencies of a certified lactation consultant to be standardized, for accredited breastfeeding counselors to have their knowledge and skills recognized, verified and advanced, and for breastfeeding mothers to have the peace of mind of knowing that the feeding support they're getting is backed by their consultant's colleagues, lactation consultant examiners, and a governing body.

What Does a Limerick Certified Lactation Consultant Do?

How do lactation consultants become certified?

Initial certification

In order to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), you must first undergo a thorough training program set by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE).

To complete this program and become a board certified lactation consultant, candidates must complete:

  • 90 hours of classroom instruction;
  • 1,000 hours of clinical experience relevant to the field of breastfeeding;
  • successful completion of an examination administered by IBLCE;

Ongoing personal development & recertification

As part of their ongoing education process after becoming board certified, an internationally certified lactation consultants must also commit to continuing their education and undertaking ongoing personal development activities in their chosen field. They must also make a commitment to seek out and undertake continuing education and training. This requirement ensures that as times and tech changes, new moms are always given up-to-date information and breastfeeding support, no matter how long their breastfeeding consultant has held their position.

What Does a Limerick Certified Lactation Consultant Do?

Who may need the help of a certified lactation consultant?

There are many different reasons why a mom might want or need the help of an international board certified lactation consultant, and seeking the help of these professionals absolutely should not be seen as a sign of a problem, or be something to feel shame about. On the contrary, we here at Limerick see it as quite the opposite - for us it's a sign that you're working hard to be the best mom that you can.

So, who may need the support of an international board certified lactation consultant?

Women who are breastfeeding

Of course, breastfeeding mothers can count on the support of a breastfeeding consultant. The consultant helps educate the mom about breastfeeding, milk production, positioning and latch and how often the baby will feed in a 24 hour period.

Women who are pregnant

You can also benefit from the help of a lactation consultant before you give birth. Making contact with a breastfeeding consultant before the baby arrives will help you prepare both physically and mentally for breastfeeding, get ahead of any potential issues that may arise, and in general terms, 'hit the ground running'.

Women who are planning to use a breast pump

Today's lactation consultants know that there's technology such as breast pumps out there, and that they exist to help new moms and their babies get as much as possible out of the breastfeeding experience rather than to replace the natural process. Help from a breastfeeding consultant can help make sure that moms who intend to use things like breast pumps do so correctly, safely, and really get the most out of doing so.

Mothers who are planning to supplement breastfeeding with formula

Similarly to the point above, modern lactation consultants also know about.providing formula in combination with breastfeeding, and that some moms may choose to use (or have to use) formula. Once again, our certified lactation consultants are here to provide information so you can make an informed decision and then will support you in your decision. The certified lactation consultant will help develop a feeding plan that works best for you and your baby.

Mothers with any kind of issue concerning breastfeeding

Your breastfeeding consultant is on hand to provide you with expert advice and breastfeeding support throughout your breastfeeding journey - so no matter how small or silly you might think it is, we encourage you to raise any issue or concern that you may have about your breastfeeding experience or your baby's behaviour when breastfeeding with them.

Babies don't come with a manual, and moms don't come with parenting knowledge pre-installed in their brain. Nobody expects you to know everything right away, and when it comes to breastfeeding lactation consultants are the expert health professionals who can help you fill in the blanks wherever necessary.

Mothers of children with health issues that may make breastfeeding more challenging

There are certain health conditions and issues that can make breastfeeding more challenging for mother or baby. These could include special needs or disabilities, or issues such as tongue-tie. Whatever difficulties mom or baby may face though, a lactation consultant and their specialist breastfeeding knowledge are the best way to take those challenges on, beat them, and make the crucial breastfeeding stage a beneficial one for new moms and their babies.

What Does a Limerick Certified Lactation Consultant Do?

What happens during a video conference with a Limerick lactation consultant?

When you speak to a lactation consultant, they will want to know why you are seeking help and what your breastfeeding goals are. The lactation consultant will ask for yours and your baby's medical history, what you are feeding the baby, what support systems you have, what have you tried that worked and what have you tried that did not work. Our lactation consultant will ask to observe a feeding, and then will discuss options to help you achieve your goal(s), taking into account what fits best for you and your family. Lastly, our consultant will also provide you with a breastfeeding plan, and make a follow - up appointment.