Our Pride pump is designed specifically for the hospital. Limerick ComfortTouch™ combines comfort and innovation to increase productivity and features our patented compression and vacuum technology that leads to better outcomes in the NICU.

Comfort = results: And a one size fits all silicone cup means new moms can get the best comfort without the fuss and discomfort of competitor’s pumps.

Superior colostrum collection: Unlike other pumps, Our Pride pump has no valve so milk flows directly into the syringe or bottle, minimizing loss of colostrum. New moms are looking for reassurance that they are producing enough milk for their newborns and when they are able to see positive results in front of their eyes, it does just that.

Closed system for a safer, better product: Our innovative closed system does not use room air to create the vacuum. Which means air is drawn from the sterile syringe/bottle. The filter prevents expressed milk from getting into the pump’s motor, decreasing mold growth and bacteria. Air exhausted into the room is filtered air. Reducing the risk of nosocomial infections.

Continuous thread bottle caps for maximum hygiene: Ensures a higher level of purity as the air is only drawn from the sterile bottle being used.

Most powerful, durable motor ever: The Pride pump is not only multi-user but comes with an extended 4-year warranty. Hospital grade and hospital tough.

Vacuum sensor: Our innovative vacuum sensor continually monitors the vacuum level so moms can feel confident that their chosen levels remain consistent and true throughout their pumping sessions.

Dry mode: Our Pride pump comes with an innovative drying mode which stops automatically after 5 minutes, removing any condensation from the tubing.

Pump stand: This durable rolling stand has a soft-grip handle, a five-castor base for maneuverability, and locking castors for stability. It comes with a mounting plate for devices with clamps, and a basket for accessory storage.

“Well done!”: Our pump offers supportive messages on the built-in digital display to encourage and communicate progress throughout the pumping session. It’s a pump with its own cheering section!