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Fanny Pack

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Converts PJ's Comfort and Joy pump to wearable pump when used with Rechargeable Battery Pack and Hands Free Pumping System (both items sold separately). Made of sturdy nylon material it converts your hospital grade pump into a mobile pumping machine providing the same comfort and productivity while you are multi-tasking. Allows you to pump anytime with ease and confidence. Every busy breast-feeding mom deserves a hassle-free solution tailored to her lifestyle without sacrificing comfort and efficiency.
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Using insurance for your breast pump

Employer-provided or private health insurance. You may be able to get a Limerick breast pump through a DME supplier covered under your plan. Click here to find out.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA). You can purchase an FSA-approved pump directly from us, and then submit a claim to your FSA provider for reimbursement.

Health Savings Account (HSA). Purchase your pump directly from us, and then submit a claim to your HSA provider for reimbursement.