Resources The top 4 factors that will keep Mom pumping

The top 4 factors that will keep Mom pumping

Experts agree that the top 4 factors that affect a new parent's willingness to pump are comfort, ease-of-use, fast milk extraction and portability. (A mother-centered evaluation of breast pumps)


The Limerick ComfortTouch(™) whole cup technology isn't an insert at all, instead our breast cups are made of naturally soft, medical grade, silicone that forms to every  unique body shape and size. There are no hard plastic breast cups with silicone inserts in complicated sizes that pull in the nipple, causing pain and discomfort.

Ease of Use:
Our one size fit all silicon cups means less fuss, no sizing required, and less parts to clean which all equate to an easier and more inviting experience for mom.

Fast Milk Extraction:
Our Compression and Vacuum technology which mimics the way your baby nurses has been proven to increase milk secretion and production when compared to vacuum only pumps. This combined with our ComfortTouch(™) silicon cups equate to a faster, more comfortable, and more effective pumping experience.

Limerick’s for-home products (PJs and Joy) are specifically designed to have smaller form factors so that they can easily be moved around the house or packed up for work or travel.