Resources Back to Work Better: Public-Self Power Up

Back to Work Better: Public-Self Power Up

Back to Work Better: Public-Self Power Up

Image: Mom and daughter in front of a computer by Nenad Stojkovic licensed under Creative Commons.

Returning to the workplace is a period of intense adjustment. Here are 5 tips to help you power up your public self.

By Rebekah Nanfria, Associate Certified Coach

Experts opinion is that it will be even more challenging than the previous adjustment of learning to work from home.

Any big change in routine requires cognitive effort, which means exhaustion for our brains.

Surprisingly, one of the primary challenges you’ll face will simply be re-learning how to converse in person.

Our “public self’ has been hidden behind a camera wearing sweatpants. It’s going to feel weird. No more watching ourselves talking from that little square on the computer. No more awkward time delays and interruption.

The energy given and taken in a face to face conversation is vastly different than a virtual one. In 1971 researcher Albert Mehrabian determined that about 55% of our communication is through facial expressions.

Today there is some debate on the actual percentage, however, the point is our expressions have a strong impact.

Seeing as half our face may still be covered with a mask, clear verbal communication is more vital than ever! Consider adding a bit more of your feelings or point of view to avoid misunderstanding. Remember everyone will be struggling on how to “be normal.”

Here are 5 more tips to help you power up your public self:

  • Slow down your speech. Allow your eyes to be animated.
  • Verbally acknowledge and appreciate co-workers.
  • Practice deep listening.
  • Prepare for conversations.