Limerick the more comfortable approach to breastfeeding.
Limerick Workplace Lactation Program.

In 1992 Patricia Kelly and Joan Ortiz (mother & daughter) founded Limerick Inc. a registered dietitian and a registered nurse.  The two were certified as Lactation Consultants in 1992.  The Limerick Workplace Lactation Program was created to help working mothers reach their breastfeeding goals.  Based on their work with thousands of mothers, Patricia and Joan developed the PJ’s Comfort electric breast pump incorporating the ideas gathered from working mothers.

Limerick is the only company who’s Workplace Lactation Program is research based.  Limerick’s study “Duration of Breast Milk Expression Among Working Mothers Enrolled in an Employer Sponsored Program” was published in the March/April issue of Pediatric Nursing 2004.

Limerick’s study shows that with the support of the employee’s company and Limerick’s services and products nursing mothers can reach their breastfeeding goals and work full time.  The study also shows retention as some of the mothers have had 2 and 3 children while working at the same company. Savvy employers have realized that support for breastfeeding does much more than simply meet legal mandates (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care act HR3590).

Limerick Workplace Lactation Program consists of three components:

  • Education
  • Counseling
  • PJ’s comfort 1-½ pound hospital grade breast pump

Limerick will design a program to fit your company’s need.

For more information please contact:

Patricia Kelly
2150 N. Glenoaks Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91504
Ph: 877-546-3742 Ext. 103

Limerick believes that superlative service and high quality state of the art products are what make Limerick a successful company.


“Because of Ernst & Young’s flexible and inclusive culture, we are committed to providing our women with the tolls and resources they need to be highly effective in their careers, while at the same time helping them meet their personal goals. Women who continue to nurse after returning to work are faced with their share of challenges. We are please to offer them a workplace lactation program that can alleviate some of the stresses of returning to their careers after childbirth”
Kevin Kelly – Americas Director, Ernst & Young

“Edison International has been a long-time supporter of work-life programs that support our employees in their desire to successfully blend their working and family lives. We have offered a lactation program since 1993, based on our belief that breastfeeding leads to happier and healthier moms and babies.  Our lactation program is one of our most highly rated benefits, and we believe that by offering the program, we have helped moms successfully transition back to work after giving birth.”
Susan M. Heller, M.D. – Chief Medical Officer, Edison International

“I am very proud that NBC Universal provides Limerick’s workplace lactation program to our employees.  Returning to work after the birth of a child is difficult but the support of the lactation consultants has been invaluable to our employees, including myself.  The high quality, soft-cupped, lightweight pump makes the process quick and efficient- a benefit to mothers and employers alike.”
Beth Huston
Universal City, CA

“Rebecca Carey, a Senior Manager from International Tax Services in Philadelphia, was nominated to attend ITS “Boot camp” Training in Washington DC.  Becky was very excited to have been nominated and realized the fabulous opportunity it was.  But she had been back to work a little less than five months after giving birth to her son, Louis, and was concerned about being away for 12 days to attend the training.  She was nursing Louis and was not yet ready to stop. 
Becky wanted to attend the 12 day training, but the thought of figuring out how to transport the milk back to her home was overwhelming.  The thought of going to one store to purchase 11 days worth  of Styrofoam coolers and ice packs, another store to buy  shipping boxes and packing material, and a third to buy all the bottles she needed, plus getting it all to the hotel,  was just too time consuming.    Becky knew EY is supportive of helping new mothers nurse their children since she already utilized the Limerick Lactation Program, as well as the EY office privacy rooms.  What Becky did not have was information on how to logistically “FedEx” milk home when traveling for an extended period of time.  Becky called Lulu Gonella, the lead development consultant in the Mid-Atlantic Area, who referred her to Pat Kelly from Limerick.  Pat offered to help and had three days to figure it out.  According to Becky, Limerick made a kit that was “perfect”.  It contained an insulated cooler with eight ice packs, eight baby bottles and a box that the cooler would fit snugly in.  Limerick had tested the kit to make sure the bottles would not leak and its precious content would stay cold. 
Becky was extremely impressed how flexible Limerick was and how quickly they figured out how to accommodate her desire to continue breastfeeding.   Knowing this piece was figured out made attending the 12-day program much easier.   Limerick’s responsiveness enabled Becky to continue to nurse her son and participate in a very important career enhancing session. Succeeding personally and professionally is what flexibility, coupled with a little creativity, is all about.”
Rebecca Carey 
Philadelphia, PA 
Ernst & Young 
“I wanted to express my thoughts on the lactation program offered through the firm by Limerick, Inc.  It was a wonderful program and the PJ’s Comfort breast pump provided was outstanding.  It made expressing much easier and convenient especially with all the accessories that we available.  The program made it easier to continue breastfeeding after returning to work.  I know my son appreciated it and so did I.  Joan and Pat were a great help as well.  They were always there for advice, consultation and just talking.  They helped ease the transition of coming back to work and provided encouragement to continue breastfeeding after returning to work.”

“Thank you again for the Limerick Program.”

“It’s good to know that there’s someone there to help.  Thanks!”

Marietta Uebelhack, a marketing manager for Ernst & Young, LLP recalled the importance of Limerick’s services after the birth of her daughter.  When Uebelhack was re-admitted to the hospital only days after giving birth, she was concerned about how the hospitalization would affect her long-term ability to breastfeed her baby.  She contacted Limerick and within 24 hours, Limerick’s Certified Lactation Consultant delivered an electric breast pump to the hospital.

“The program is excellent!  Thanks for all the support over the years!”

This is a wonderful program for working mothers and their infants.  I was able to return to work with the satisfaction of knowing that I was doing the best thing I could for my baby and she remained healthy throughout her first year.”

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