Limerick the more comfortable approach to breastfeeding.
Limerick Workplace Lactation Program.

Do employer sponsored Workplace Lactation Programs increase exclusive breastfeeding rates?
Presented Research at the following conferences:

  • The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine annual meeting Oct 2016
  • California Breastfeeding Coalition annual meeting Jan 2017

Airports in the United States: Are They Really Breastfeeding Friendly?
Published in Breastfeeding Medicine, 2014 Vol. 9/No. 0

Evaluation of Milk Production with a Multi-User, Electric Double Pump with a Soft Flange in Mothers of VLBW NICU Infants 
Presented Research on effectiveness of PJ's Comfort Breast Pump at 
The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Annual meeting Nov 2011

Duration of Breast Milk Expression Among Working Mothers Enrolled in an Employer Sponsored Program
Pediatric Nursing, 2004 March/April Vol. 30/No. 2 pages 111 - 119

Airports in the United States...
Are They Really Breastfeeding Friendly?

Presented Research at the United States 
Lactation Consultant Association National Conference May 2013

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