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Did you know that breastfeeding moms miss work less often? Or that they lower both your and their health care costs? Investing in an on-site lactation-support program—especially one like ours—can not only help you recruit higher-quality applicants, it can also help you retain your experienced employees even longer, substantially adding to the company’s bottom line.

We have over 25 years of experience in helping employees who are about to become or who’ve just become new moms and dads. Whether online, over the phone, or via video conferencing, we’re here to make their transition back to work as effortless as possible.

Our fully customizable and individualized programs are specifically designed to fit both your and your employees’ needs. All programs offer an uncompromising level of support and care.

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Privacy-compliant HIPAA, ISO 27001, AICPA SOC2, and AICPA SOC3


Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

We teach your employees about the benefits of breastfeeding in an effort to both support them and help them reach their breastfeeding goals.

Breastfeeding Support

Our lactation consultants help your employees and their babies get the most out of their breastfeeding experience.

Breast Pumps and Accessories

We’ve created a technological breakthrough that delivers the most comfortable breast-pumping experience on the market. By using the rhythmic cycle of compression and vacuum, our pumps can perfectly mimic a baby’s natural nursing pattern.

Return-to-Work Consultation

We’ll help your employees make their transition back to work a lot less stressful and way more effortless.

The Best Pumps
at the Best Price

When our support services are contracted, we offer a substantial discount on either of our lightweight, hospital-grade electric breast pumps.

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Milk Shipping

We help ensure that your employees’ expressed milk gets shipped home when they can’t be there in person. Shipping can be activated online, and there are four shipping sizes from which to choose. Our consultants are here to make this experience as smooth and intuitive as possible.

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Lactation Room

This is a simple and intuitive web-based scheduler we’ve created that lets your employees reserve room time and provide feedback — all in an effort to create a more conducive pumping experience.

Limerick partners with some of the biggest names in the business, including those found on the Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 Best Places to Work lists. We’ve set up programs for private equity firms, tech companies, entertainment agencies, government entities, and health care companies.

retention rate for all female employees
* J. Ortiz, K. McGilligan, P. Kelly, Pediatric Nursing, “Duration of breast milk expression among working mothers enrolled in an employee-sponsored lactation program,” 2004
success rate for moms who’ve chosen to express their milk at work
* J. Ortiz, K. McGilligan, P. Kelly, Pediatric Nursing, “Duration of breast milk expression among working mothers enrolled in an employee-sponsored lactation program,” 2004
say 24/7 access to a lactation consultant is a valuable service
** J. Ortiz, L. Sponseller, A. Ortiz, K. Stone, R. Wilson, M. Haight, "Breastfeeding Medicine," The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine annual meeting, Oct. 2016
Jennifer Tomer
Senior Director, Meaningful Rewards & Recognition, Protiviti
“When it comes to benefits, Protiviti’s number one priority is making life easier for our employees and their families. That’s why we love Limerick! Through them, we can offer prenatal, postnatal, and ongoing support to our moms, plus a complimentary and convenient shipping of breast milk for working moms when they’re on the road.”
Beth Huston
Director of Human Resources, NBCUniversal
“Returning to work after the birth of a child is difficult, but the support of the lactation consultants has been invaluable to our employees, including myself. The high-quality, soft-cupped, lightweight pump makes the process quick and efficient — a benefit to mothers and employers alike.”
Rebecca Carey
Principal, Tax Services, Ernst & Young
“Limerick’s responsiveness, flexibility, and creativity enabled one of our employees to continue nursing her son and participate in a very important career-enhancing session. That’s crucial because succeeding personally and professionally is what we’re all about.”
Charu H.
Hartford, CT
“Limerick’s PJ’s Comfort is the only reason why I’m still able to breastfeed my 4 month-old and have a job!! It’s truly exceptional, and I love it! I highly recommend this pump to anyone who’s motivated to breastfeed their baby, but has to go back to work.”

Our research has played an important role in every program we design and in every product we create.

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