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FDA-Qualified, Multi-user,
Hospital-Grade Electric Breast Pump

This is the only pump with our patented technology, which uses the rhythmic cycles of compression and vacuum to perfectly mimic a baby’s natural nursing pattern, resulting in more comfortable and productive sessions.

It’s the only closed-system, hospital-grade electric pump on the market. Its vacuum is not created by room air, but rather by the pump itself, and the air it exhausts is purified. The 1-micron filter prevents expressed milk from getting into the pump’s motor, greatly decreasing the possibility of mold growth and infectious particles.


With supportive messages to encourage you and communicate progress throughout your pumping session.

Compression and
Vacuum Technology

Minimizes the need for hand expression and helps get colostrum sooner, reassuring Mom she has milk and motivating increased pumping sessions.

More Productivity

Because Limerick Pride is more comfortable than any other hospital-grade pump out there, moms pump more often, and therefore, supply more milk.

Vacuum Sensor

This continually monitors the vacuum level so moms can rest assured that their chosen level will remain constant and true throughout their pumping session.

Powerful Motor

This allows for extended pump life and increased durability (four-year warranty).

Closed System

It does not use room air to create the vacuum. The filter prevents expressed milk from getting into the pump’s motor, decreasing the possibility of mold growth and infectious particles. Air exhausted into the room is filtered air, reducing the risk for nosocomial infections and allowing for more flexibility.

Continuous-Thread Bottle
Caps With No Openings

This means air is only drawn from the sterile bottle being used.

Colostrum Collector

This is specifically designed with a direct flow to capture and preserve the special breast milk—often referred to as “liquid gold”—that’s only produced during the first one to five days after birth. So every drop collected counts!

  • Draws out colostrum sooner
  • Simple two-step process
  • Reduces need for hand expression
  • Fits all enteral syringes
  • Closed system
  • Patented technology

Pump Stand

This durable rolling stand has a soft-grip handle, a five-castor base for maneuverability, and locking castors for stability. It comes with a mounting plate for devices with clamps, and a basket for accessory storage.

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Michelle Harris
Kaweah Delta
“I cannot overstate the importance of getting a mother’s colostrum not only as early as possible, but also as much of it as possible — especially for moms of premature babies. That Limerick has figured out a way for us to bottle and store this liquid gold so quickly is nothing short of revolutionary. I have no doubt their product will have a measurable effect on the health and well-being of all our newborns moving forward.”
Cristina Morales
IBCLC, Los Angeles, CA
“Nurses have generally been reluctant to recommend breast-pump use during the first 72 hours after childbirth — the very short window in which colostrum is expressed. Limerick pumps, however, put that concern to rest. First, because they get the colostrum sooner. Second, because they use a closed system to do it. Limerick’s technology has, in effect, completely changed the way we view breast-pump usage in those first crucial days of life.”
Michelle O.
Nashville, TN
“I can let down with this pump every time with no massaging and get multiple letdowns. I love this pump, as it truly feels like my baby nursing. On top of that, it’s so comfortable and very easy to use. If you have had trouble or pain with other pumps, don’t give up, and give this one a try! I am so glad I did.”
Carl Palko
Pasadena, CA
“As a mechanical engineer, I look for well-built products that perform well and will last. My wife and I are glad we chose a hospital-grade pump with a 1-micron filter that prevents milk from entering the pump so that the pump can be safely reused. We have used it with both our children and plan to use it with our next child. It is a great product with great technical support that is worth the price. I highly recommend it.”