Limerick the more comfortable approach to breastfeeding.
Limerick Workplace Lactation Program.

In 1992, Patricia Kelly, a Registered Dietitian, and her daughter Joan Ortiz, a Registered Nurse, became certified as Lactation Consultants after recognizing a need following the birth of Joan’s first daughter.  They founded Limerick, Inc., named after the birthplace of Patricia’s mother, and created the Limerick Workplace Lactation Program® to help working mothers reach their breastfeeding goals.  Based on their efforts with thousands of mothers, and listening to complaints about the breast pumps they used, Patricia and Joan decided to develop a breast pump of their own. They held focus groups with the women in their workplace programs, and learned that their primary considerations were comfort, preventing cross-contamination, ease of use, easy cleaning, and portability.  Patricia & Joan hired an engineer to develop their new design, and along with additional help from engineer friends in their Rotary Club, prototypes were developed in a room behind Patricia’s garage.  Alas, the PJ’s (Patricia & Joan’s) Comfort® breast pump was born!  The final result was the revolutionary Limerick PJ’s Comfort® hospital-grade electric breast pump – the only portable breast pump utilizing Patricia & Joan’s patented technology that truly mimics a baby’s natural nursing pattern. 

Today, the pumps are no longer manufactured in the room behind Patricia’s garage, but they are assembled in America, in a comfortable warehouse and office space close to Patricia and Joan’s residences in Burbank, California.  Joan’s daughters are now adults, and both Kristina and Ashley have joined their mother and grandmother in the business, with Kristina heading Customer Service and Ashley in charge of servicing the Workplace Lactation Program customers.

(Left to right) Kristina Ortiz, Patricia Kelly, Joan Ortiz, and Ashley Ortiz - Three Generations of Limerick quality and service.

Our Mission and Values

Limerick Inc. promotes healthy families by supporting breast milk as the best nutrition for babies through education, support and products featuring the highest quality of safety and comfort.  We support the individual choices of each family, addressing needs through our research-based PJ’s products and providing guidance and education through our research-based Workplace Lactation Program.  Limerick, Inc. strives to be the company that best understands the needs of mothers and their babies, fulfilling the leading role as provider of Workplace Lactation Programs, advocate for breastfeeding laws, and supplier of high quality products.

Ours is a creative and innovative work environment producing solutions that have a positive effect on American families. Limerick, Inc. has the highest regard for our relationships with all our customers, including our consumers, business partners and our employees.  We are committed to providing service, products and support that are exceptional in the industry and developed by listening and responding to customer feedback.  We provide a work environment that is respectful, supportive, safe, productive and efficient.

Limerick, Inc. believes that every citizen can impact their community.  We are advocates of various social causes and actively participate in philanthropic and civic organizations.

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