Limerick the more comfortable approach to breastfeeding.
Limerick Workplace Lactation Program.

Limerick PJ's safety, quality and comfort - which one is right for you?

Product feature comparison between 
PJ's Comfort & PJ's Bliss


  • Both of Limerick PJ's breast pumps have a unique patented technology which truly mimics your baby's suckling pattern. Other pumps may use a push-pull motion, while Limerick PJ's breast pumps are the only pumps to incorporate a more authentic compression and vacuum motion - which is how your baby nurses.
  • Sof-touch™ silicone cups — one size fits all
  • Compact and lightweight - 1 1/2lbs
  • Separate controls regulate vacuum (15-250 mmHg) and cycles (36-250 cycles/min.)
  • Safe for multiple users
  • Both are available through DME suppliers (see Insurance Coverage page)
  • Built-in timer to track elapsed time
  • A one-micron filter between the kit and pump prevents bacteria, viruses and milk from entering the pump, thus preventing cross contamination and re-infection in mom (documented in a study by Arbor Technology available on request)
  • Closed system
  • Air exhausted into room is filtered air
  • Heat sensor
  • Vacuum sensor


  • Limerick PJ’s Comfort has a more robust motor and valve that is often used in Neonatal Intensive Care Units and in our Workplace Lactation Program.  Limerick PJ’s Bliss has a reduced-power motor and valve which is sufficiently powerful for most retail consumers.
  • Limerick PJ’s Comfort emits less reverberation and is quieter than Limerick PJ’s Bliss.
  • The Comfort has a 3 year warranty; Limerick PJ's Bliss has a 1 year warranty.
  • Limerick PJ’s Bliss is covered by most health insurance programs under their Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provisions.  Limerick PJ’s Comfort, which is classified as hospital-grade, requires the baby to be in the hospital and separated from mother, in order to be covered by health insurance.
  • Limerick PJ’s Comfort is proven to initiate a milk supply in mothers of premature and very low birth weight infants*, qualifying it as a hospital-grade breast pump.

Evaluation of Milk Production with a Multi-User, Electric Double Pump with a Soft Flange in Mothers of VLBW NICU Infants 
Research study on effectiveness of PJ's Comfort Breast Pump at The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Annual meeting Nov 2011

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