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Will my health insurance cover the cost of a PJ’s breast pump?

Please see our Health Insurance page for more information, but in a nutshell, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (often referred to as Obamacare or the Health Reform Act) now, by law, requires private health insurance carriers to provide breast pumps to pregnant and nursing mothers at no cost. There are exceptions for a few insurance companies, however, who are temporarily “grandfathered” until their policies are expired. The phrasing in the law is broad and that is why private insurance providers interpret it and its required coverage in different ways. In general, they are required to provide pregnant and nursing mothers with “breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling.” The insurance providers are not permitted to charge a co-payment for any of the supplies or services they cover. They should also cover shipping for the approved supplies.

PJ's Comfort® breast pump is available in both the Standard and Executive models. What are the differences between the two PJ's Comfort® models?

Both the Standard and the Executive models feature the same PJ's Comfort® 1-1/2 pound hospital-grade electric breast pump, collection kit and 2 extra feeding bottles. A pink mesh bag is included with the Sof-Touch™ kit used for air drying breast cup assemblies.  Each model features a unique carrying tote with a cooling section. The smaller Standard model tote can be worn as a backpack or over the shoulder. The Executive model tote has additional inside storage pockets and an extra black bag for storage of parts and a soft white lap cloth to protect your clothes while you pump and to dry your breast after pumping.  The Executive model also comes with breast pads and a car adapter. 

PJ's Comfort® is a hospital-grade electric breast pump. What does the term "hospital-grade" mean?

Similar to other medical devices, the Food and Drug Administration, also known as the FDA, classifies and regulates all breast pumps. The designation of “hospital grade” is not recognized by the FDA but is an industry term.  The FDA classifies electric breast pumps into two main groups, single-user and multi-user. Most retail electric breast pumps are single-user. Single-user pumps can never be shared, borrowed or even returned to a retailer. Potentially infectious particles may survive in the breast pump and or its accessories for a surprisingly long time and cause disease in the next baby or mom. Only multi-user breast pumps like PJ's breast pumps are specifically designed to decrease the risk of contamination and re-infection, and are safe to be used by more than one person in the hospital setting, at work or at home. The following is a definition of terms:

Multi-user electric breast pump:This is an FDA designation indicating that this type of breast pump prevents contamination from a back flow of breast milk, infectious particles and organisms between different users (cross contamination) due to the pump’s filter/design. Different women using the same multi-user pump should have their own individual, personal use Sof-Touch™ kit which contains a filter to prevent cross contamination. Multi-user designed pumps are also used by single-users and provide an extra level of safety.

Hospital Grade/ Rental Grade electric pump: These breast pumps are utilized in the hospital setting and by rental after discharge. There is an implication that these types of breast pumps are intended for multiple, different users for mother-infant dyads facing significant medical challenges.  As “hospital grade” is not a term recognized by the FDA, breast pump manufacturers may have different definitions of hospital grade.

Limerick Inc. Definition of Hospital Grade, Multi-user breast pump:
Limerick Inc. defines our hospital grade pump, the PJ’s Comfort®, as a safe, closed-system multi-user pump that is research-proven to initiate a milk supply in the most challenged of mothers, such as mothers of very low birth weight infants or premature infants. The filter on our Sof-Touch™ kit prevents milk, infectious particles and organisms from entering the pump, thus minimizing the risk for cross contamination, and is also backed by a research study validating that it prevents bacteria virus and fluid from passing through the 1-micron filter. The PJ’s Comfort® motor is robust and carries a 3-year warranty. When used in a hospital setting, it includes an electrical cord safe for hospital use.   While Limerick PJ’s Bliss multi-user pump also uses the same Sof-Touch™ kit and employs the same technology and added safety as the PJ’s Comfort® to initiate a milk supply, we have not conducted a research study to prove its effectiveness.  The PJ’s Bliss motor carries a 1-year warranty and is approved by many DMEs for health insurance coverage.

How can I get a PJ's breast pump?

PJ's breast pumps, collection kits and feeding accessories can be purchased online at our Product Store at Our products are also available at select retail sites. Please contact our toll-free Customer Service hot line at 877-LIMERICK (546-3742) or see our website for the most recent list of retail locations and DME (Durable Medical Equipment) suppliers.

Why do the Sof-TouchTM cups come in only one size?

Our Sof-TouchTM breast cups are made with silicone, a soft, flexible material that contours to the breast nipple regardless of size or shape. This innovative design makes pumping even easier. PJ's breast pump users don't hassle with the guesswork of choosing between multiple sizes of detachable breast flanges. Like each of our products, Sof-TouchTM silicone cups were also designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Sof-TouchTM silicone cups, coupled with our unique pumping technology, closely imitates your baby's natural massaging suction action and rhythm. This innovative pairing reduces the risk for nipple pain, discomfort and distortion that can be caused by hard, plastic breast flanges.
PJ's breast pumps are "closed systems” breast pumps. What exactly does this mean?
A closed system breast pump has a barrier in between the milk collection kit and the pump mechanism. This special safety feature safeguards both your milk and your pump. PJ's breast pumps feature a 1-micron filter that prevents your milk from ever being exposed to the outside air thus eliminating exposure to any impurities such as dust or smoke, and harmful airborne bacteria and viruses. Because our scientifically tested filter also prevents any milk particles from entering the pump mechanism, and filters the air being exhausted into the room, the risk for cross contamination and re-infection is also eliminated.

Can PJ's electric breast pumps be returned?

Breast pumps purchased through the Limerick, Inc. website with appropriate proofs(s) of purchase may be returned within 1 month of purchase for a refund (minus the value of any personal accessories and a 25% restocking fee).

Is Limerick Inc. environmentally-friendly?

At Limerick Inc. we are committed to doing our part to protect the environment. Our Sof-TouchTM breast cups are made of soft, flexible silicone that contours to any breast size or shape, thus eliminating the need for wasteful plastic flanges in multiple sizes. To expand our green efforts, we have partnered with the City of Burbank's Green Consultant and have implemented several environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient workplace practices.  In addition, our multi-user breast pumps are manufactured for extended use by design. 

I no longer need my PJ’s breast pump.  What can I do with it?

Your PJ’s electric breast pump only (not the breast cup kit) can be re-used or sold for re-use as long as the new user obtains her own breast Sof-Touch™ kit.  Please note, however that the original warranty does not transfer to the new owner.  If you do not choose to share or sell your breast pump yourself, you may ship it back to Limerick Inc. and we will refurbish it and donate it to low-income families who would otherwise not have access to a multi-user breast pump.

PJ's Comfort® hospital-grade, multi-user electric breast pump and the Sof-TouchTM breast cups have so many unique design features. How does Limerick, Inc. get ideas for such innovative products?

Limerick, Inc. was created to help families reach their breastfeeding goals. From the start we knew that this would take breastfeeding education and support. We educated, supported and listened to 10's of thousands breastfeeding women in our Workplace Lactation Program. Soon, we realized that an important way to support breastfeeding families would be to design a hospital-grade electric breast pump that could easily go from the hospital, to home, then back to work with the breastfeeding woman. We held focus groups to determine that comfort, safety, portability, and ease of use were the most important features to breastfeeding women, and we successfully incorporated each of these key features into the design of PJ's Comfort® electric breast pump, the Sof-TouchTM breast cups, and all of our feeding accessories. In addition to the important suggestions from the women in our Workplace Lactation Program, and various focus groups, Limerick also works with breastfeeding experts to design and manufacture our extraordinary products.

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