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"Dear Ms. Kelly,
As a father of two young daughters, I am writing you to let you know how much my wife loves Limerick. Thank you for making a great product beneficial for all women."
~ Mike Gatto, Assemblyman, 43rd District , California Legislature

“PJ’s Comfort is extremely easy to use, very comfortable, efficient, and quiet.  I like the soft cup because it does not pinch or pull on my nipple like the hard cups I had used in the past. . . it really felt like my baby nursing”
~ Kris Coblentz, Burbank, CA

“I am very proud that NBC Universal provides Limerick’s workplace lactation program to our employees.  Returning to work after the birth of a child is difficult but the support of the lactation consultants has been invaluable to our employees, including myself.  The high quality, soft-cupped, lightweight pump makes the process quick and efficient – a benefit to mothers and employers alike.’
~ Beth Huston, Universal City, CA

“I WANT TO LET YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE THE PUMP, First because it is soft and the motion is easy on the breast.  Second because the pump yields great results.  At work today I expressed 16 ounces.  I’ve never had that kind of volume”
~ Tammy Goodroe, Virginia Beach, VA

“As a mechanical engineer, I look for well-built products like PJ’s Comfort that perform well and will last.  My wife and I are glad we chose a hospital grade pump with a 1 micron filter that prevents milk for entering the pump so that the pump can be safely reused.  We have used it with both our 2 children and plan to use it with our next child.  It is a great product with great technical support that is worth the price.  I highly recommend it.”
~ Carl Palko, Pasadena, CA

IParenting Media Award Reviewers Feedback

“It is a very efficient method to extract breast milk and works wonderfully and entirely pain-free. Moreover, the instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  I loved the extra bottles and the storage container for it.  Also, the whole bag which comes with it looks stylish and does not make it obvious to people that it is a breast pump bag.”

“A positive characteristic of PJ’s Comfort electric breast pump is the neat and organized backpack that contained the breast pump and all of the accessories.  Another positive characteristic are the soft, flexible breast cups as opposed to the firm plastic cups that other pumps contain.  Lastly and most importantly, it gave me great pleasure knowing that there is a filter on the pump which keeps bacteria from contaminating the milk.”

“I have been pumping for 19 months and this is by far the most comfortable pump I have used.  I like the suction cups, for the size and material, as they feel natural, almost like there is nothing there.  I also really like the bag it comes in, with all the space needed for the pump and accessories.  The bottle area, with freezer pack is great.  The size of the pump itself is small, which I also appreciate, and the two control buttons make it easy to manager.”

September 21, 2007 by Amy Spangler MN, RN, IBCLC

In the market for a breast pump? Well according to my search engine, you won’t have difficulty finding one, with 1,900,000 websites to guide your selection - everything from what to consider before you buy, to why, when, where, and what to buy.

Buying a breast pump is like buying a computer (some pumps actually have a microchip inside!) They come in all shapes and sizes and offer a wide range of features. Usually, the greater the number of features, the higher the cost. The most expensive pumps are those described as medical- or hospital-grade or multi-user, since they can be safely used by more than one mother.

It’s important to remember that the best pump is a baby. But when babies aren’t available or are sick, the next best pump is the one that allows a mother to remove milk effectively, efficiently, economically, and equally important - comfortably. The pump of choice will vary from mom to mom, which is why there are nearly 2 million websites offering a wide range of products - apparently one size does not fit all - literally or figuratively.

One of the most common reasons mothers give for stopping breastfeeding sooner than they had intended is the need to return to work or school. A review of the Working Mother 2006 100 Best Companies finds that 7 percent of the companies offer no paid maternity leave and only 8 percent offer more than 12 weeks, despite the recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics that babies be exclusively breastfed for 6 months.

I was fortunate in that I was able to stay home when my children were young. On those occasions when I was unable to breastfeed, I expressed my milk by hand or used a small, inexpensive battery-operated pump - admittedly, one that is no longer on the market (my age is showing!) So when I was recently introduced to a breast pump described as, “The only 1.5 pound hospital-grade pump that goes from hospital - to home - to work - PJ’s comfort breast pump,” I was intrigued.

It is produced by Limerick, Inc., a family-owned and operated business established in 1992 by Patricia Kelly and Joan Ortiz (mother and daughter). I must admit I am partial to family-owned and operated businesses. As the founder of Amy’s Babies and baby gooroo, I have the pleasure of working with my sister, who is in charge of sales, my brother, who manages production and distribution, and my son, who coordinates design and marketing. If you’re wondering what I do, it’s a mystery!

As for the mother-daughter operation of Limerick, Inc., Patricia is a registered dietitian and Joan is a registered nurse. Through Limerick they assist businesses and corporations in establishing workplace lactation support programs. Limerick has been in operation since 1992, but PJ’s comfort breast pump wasn’t developed until 1997. Its engineering and design was based on feedback from hundreds of working mothers.

Upon seeing the pump for the first time, two features caught my eye - the fact that it was light weight and the Sof-touch silicone cups - apparently in some instances, one size does fit all. Added features include a built-in timer, 12 volt car adapter, 3 year warranty, and my personal favorite (aside from the light weight and the silicone cups) it has only TWO parts to clean and assemble.

I am no longer breastfeeding (I used to think that at my age it would take a miracle) so I wasn’t able to test the pump. But the movement of the silicone flange against my skin was surprisingly comfortable and the mothers I spoke with who had used the pump were delighted with the results.

I am not suggesting that you surf 1,900,000 websites or that you buy a particular pump based on a single recommendation. While you’re doing your homework, be aware that there are lots of pumps on the market, ranging from bad to good and everything in between. Once you determine your needs, you can better narrow your choices. But if you decide to purchase a multi-user pump, PJ’s comfort breast pump deserves your consideration.

Workplace Lactation Program

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